We build human-aware
trustworthy, and
intelligent systems.

We can move quickly on a specific problem that your company is facing.

Our Team

We've brought together some of the dedicated minds in business to support a common goal—to enable our customers to unleash the power of cloud computing, algorithm, and data.

Industry Spotlight

BaseAi builds intelligent, human-aware and trustworthy systems for small to medium size enterprises in industries such as dental offices, general clinics, veterinary, hotels, restaurants, cafes (HoReCa), supply chain management, and other industries.

How we integrate AI in your business?

BaseAi integrates its AI systems into different organizations depending on the stage of AI maturity of the business while increasing the enterprise value at each stage. For companies that have no AI systems, we provide management consulting to figure out what business problems AI can solve and set up the first AI environment using third parties cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

We build a minimum viable product prototype and test it on a small number of consumers to refine data and evaluate basic algorithms. Then we showcase the business value and possibilities of AI strategy to the senior management.

To learn more on how we can help your organization, please contact us.

Software & Database Expertise

We take on design-build software development projects for customers. We specialize in several computer programming languages such as python, C#, java, scala, c++, delphi, php, NET, JavaScript, angularjs to name a few.

We have expertise in several relational database management systems including but not limited to Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL, and provides server maintenance, management, and security services to its customers.